The Financial Feasibility Study, or FFS to simplify the reading, is the tool used to evaluate the financial return over a given investment or project, i.e., whether it is viable, feasible and also a good financial option. When the FFS is prepared by responsible and competent hands it becomes an invaluable tool to the decision making process, including the decision about what funding sources are best for the project.

In the preparation of a FFS, MAPE uses its expertise to offer a reliable and priceless tool to its clients, allowing decisions to be more safely taken and adding sureness to the expected results of the project.

The data used by MAPE to prepare a FFS comes from various sources:

  • Literature and public reports prepared by governmental agencies and specialized organizations.
  • Data collected in field researches.
  • Sensitive or restricted access data.
  • Unpredictable figures, where we use simulations and probability theories.

The results of the FFS come with:

  • Investment risk analysis.
  • Comprehensive estimate budget, including total investment, financial costs, pre and operational costs.
  • Most probable Return On Investment rates (ROIs), considering different scenarios.
  • Funding structure: analysis of the available funding sources and its related risks and benefits.