MAPE has the knowledge and the intelligence to assist you and make your project runs at the most harmonic and efficient possible way, starting at the design phase and going all the way to the startup of the operations. Whenever possible and wanted, MAPE may use the “Design & Build” approach, which has demonstrated to have some advantages when compared to the conventional “Design-Bid-Build” method. Design-Build means that there is a single responsible for the complete Design-Construction processes, and the list of advantages usually contains savings (time and cost) and less contentious relations between the main players: owner, architect and contractor.


MAPE may also supply qualified support to specific areas when required:

Purchasing: support to the owner in preparing the qualified vendors list, purchasing orders, orders follow-up, appraisal of PO amendments, and keeping purchasing process on pair with the project needs.

Scheduling: preparation and maintenance of the Project Schedule, generating easily understandable reports adapted to suit the client’s needs. Forecast of potential future problems and preparation of schedule recovering strategies.

Costs: control the present and future project expenditures, acting side by side with the clients accounting system in order to have clear and indisputable reports. The controlling of the design changes during the construction (Change Orders) is rigorous and methodical, eliminating / attenuating what is the most relevant source of unpredicted costs during the course of a project.

Construction: management of contractors and subcontractors in the day to day activities, resolving conflicts and anticipating solutions to future problems.

Quality: close follow-up of the construction and installation phases, appraisal of material and labor specifications and request to have them tested or corrected when appropriate.

Environment: follow-up of the licenses and permits gathering processes, and control of the environment related aspects of the project.

Labor Safety and Health: MAPE is committed to a Project Site Safety Program to coincide with the intent and goals as stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) to provide a work site that is free from recognized hazards. Usually we prepare a “Labor Health and Safety Manual”, which regulates the site procedures regarding the safety and health for the workers on site. Such manual comprises the legal requirements PLUS the client’s, in order to minimize the risk of hazardous occurrences during the course of the project.

Contract Closing: when the time comes to closing a contract, MAPE prepares punch lists for final hand out of each area of the project. The comparison between what was specified and bought by the client to what was delivered is done in a clear and transparent way.

Support to Start-up: in certain occasions the client may need additional staff to cope with the greater demand of labor when starting up a facility. MAPE is ready to furnish the additional individuals and training (on the job training) in such situations.